Platform Documentation

Hypi is a platform for developing lightning-fast, scalable data-driven applications. The low-code backend-as-a-service that lets you build serverless cloud applications and API services.

Modern software can be created by using the right set of building blocks. Hypi supports this paradigm by taking the next step beyond microservices. Whilst retaining all of its benefits. Hypi offers a comprehensive low-code app development platform for innovation.

To get started:

  1. create Hypi account
  2. learn more about Hypi's features.


You can start with the Introduction and work your way through from start to end or find information and tutorials on:

  1. API & Refrences – Building amazing application and services with these tools.
  2. GraphGL – New to Hypi or GraphQL? Well, we got that covered. A set-by-step guide for beginners and advance users.
  3. HypiQL Tutorials – SQL like query language that enhances filtering and operating in the platform.
  4. CRUD – Learn to perform create, read, update, delete CRUD operation using your GraphQL API.