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Get Started

Hypi platform is easy to use! A quick way to get started using the platform is to skim through references below. Also try out examples on usage of Hypi APIs in GraphQL editor.

API and References โ€“ Comprehensive Guide to use various Hypi APIs

GraphQL โ€“ Concise tutorial to understand GraphQL

ArcQL โ€“ A simple query language of Hypi

Here is a 5-minute Quick guide to start using Hypi!

  1. Complete the registration on Hypi portal by creating a user account.


  1. Create a new App by clicking Create a new app button. You may choose appropriate name for the app depending upon the functionality to be built.


  2. Click on the created app.


  3. You may use the release created automatically or create your own release by clicking +New Release button


  1. Click on _Release Console to add Schema or data model of your app.


  1. Click on Add Table to insert a table. Enter fields of your choice in the table.


  1. Click on Instances. You may create new instance or use an existing one.


  1. Click on GraphQL playground to play with Hypi APIs.


  1. Click on blue Play button to get Query results.


  1. Use API configurations from GraphQL config tab to access the Hypi APIs from client app.