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Using the WebSocket Package

The /whisk.system/websocket package offers a convenient way post messages to a WebSocket.

The package includes the following action:

/whisk.system/websocketpackageuriUtilities for communicating with WebSockets
/whisk.system/websocket/sendactionuri, payloadSend the payload to the WebSocket URI

If you plan to send many messages to the same WebSocket URI, creating a package binding with the uri value is suggested. With binding, you don't need to specify the value each time that you use the send action.

Sending a message to a WebSocket

The /whisk.system/websocket/send action will send a payload to a WebSocket URI. The parameters are as follows:

  • uri: The URI of the websocket server (e.g. ws://mywebsockethost:80)
  • payload: The message you wish to send to the WebSocket

Large portions of this page is copied from the Apache OpenWhisk documentation on August 5th 2021 - where there have been customisations to match Hypi's deployment this has been noted. Apache OpenWhisk and the Apache name are the property of the Apache Foundation and licensed under the Apache V2 license .