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Serverless Overview

Serverless technology is a means of adding custom behaviour without having to worry too much about infrastructure, deployment, or maintenance. Serverless functions are single-purpose, programmatic functions that are hosted by cloud computing platforms.

You may access serverless functions from the Hypi platform. You need to have a docker image of the function created on the platform like OpenWhisk.

How to set up and use Serverless?

Steps are as follow:

  1. OpenWhisk CLI
  2. Create Serverless Function
  3. Use Serverless Function
  4. Set Permissions

If you need to implement advanced functionalities like Webhooks, Workflows, and Triggers using serverless technology, you can do it as well! Check below topics to implement them using OpenWhisk. It also includes comprehensive guide to use OpenWhisk.

  1. OpenWhisk Actions
  2. Parameters
  3. Annotations
  4. Triggers and Rules
  5. Sequences
  6. Conductors
  7. Packages
  8. Web Actions