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Every action has an outcome. When you add an action, a box to add an outcome would get appended in the flow diagram automatically.

Here are a few examples of outcomes of various actions.

A) For Patient Information system,

  • A doctor can search patient information history to get patient's previous diagnosis details.
  • A doctor can enter the diagnosis to update the current diagnosis.
  • A nurse can enter the values of health parameters to update the details of current health status.
  • A receptionist can enter the next appointment date to update the appointment information.

B) For Library System,

  • A librarian can search the subscriber details to issue a book.
  • A librarian can make a new book entry to update a book database.
  • A subscriber can search books by an Author to get a list of books.

Adding an outcome is similar to adding an action!

  1. Click the +Add an Outcome button. Add the outcome and press Enter.


  2. You can change the status of an outcome. Click on the Status icon.


  3. You and your team members can add comments to an outcome as well. Click on the Comments icon. A Comments dialogue box appears.


  4. You can delete an outcome by clicking the delete icon.