Let's recap. An instance is an isolated copy of your app. Think of an app as a template and an Instance as a deployed version of that template. Every Instance gets its own domain.

Every Instance must have a unique domain. By default, Hypi will generate one based on the Hypi domain. You're free to use your domain, e.g.

Instances are isolated, data created in one Instance is not accessible by default from another Instance and only someone with permission can grant access between instances.

Creating an Instance

Click "Create" top right and fill in the required fields in the modal. If there are fields attached to a release, by default the Instance will hold those defined fields, which you can use to integrate or reach out to another source.

Once you have created your Instance, with a unique domain, the domain is then used as the hypi-domain header with your Authorization token, which is provided when working with an app's Instance API.

Example header

"url": "",
"headers": {
"Authorization":"Auth Token here. It can be copied from the Developer Hub",
"hypi-domain": ""

Creating an Instance

Add Fields